Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fast is No More Past-Anna Hazare fasts in Public :Thambi Tiru fasts in private

"Fast is No More Past " to revolutionise the nation.Everybody knows Anna Hazare and his valuble contributions to this society. He is not asking for piece of land or peace of his Mind.He is asking for few amendments in the Janlokpal bill which can save u and me tomorrow from the asura of corruption.Its almost a year since my fingers sketched something for a cause.I haven' t seen Anna but only heard. But i have seen this man Tirumalai an IIT MBA who threw away placements and carved his own blue ocean as his career.He still doesn't look for place to settle but work for settlement of issues in many rural areas.This man Tiru has been fasting for the past 3 days in his home and when asked he said " when a Man @ 80 s could do why not me".I know this guy as a friend who once told me not to wait for signal clearance in the traffic and drive away.Now he has been carved into a Local Ikon who always thinks about what best he can contribute to the society.I cannot follow his path though i still ponder on other modes of upliftment of the society.I salute you today and i wish that you also grow like another Anna Hazare so that the entire world Salutes you.

All the best.I Shall soon join you but in a different road.

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