Saturday, July 18, 2015

Is it okay to go by what our heart says?

In life most of the times we get into a dilemma between sort of fear driven emotional stability and desire to be emotional .When we think deep we will understand the reason for fear,where it has come from and why.Every individual have lot of self inflicting values which they are tuned to believe as right or wrong forced by social fear ,cultural systems , past experiences etc.In some situation in life we always wanted to do few things ,we may like to spend some time alone at  beaches at mid night,explore talking to a new person ,creating a new option for friendship ,wanting to start new business or even exit the current status and move on to new.Most of the individuals don't take the next step even though they know their heart ,mind and soul is fully comfortable and in-sink with taking the next step but they force themselves due to self inflicted values and they curb this thought bud in the beginning itself and try to kill.They believe its curbed but in the reality its adds to internal stress bud as an alternate and when they try to hide it and it will grow like a balloon.At tough situations later its bursts and adds to bigger stress and they regret for the days,months,years they would have missed ,which they could have probably had if they have managed it wisely.What does it mean ? Does it mean I am asking one to violate self -inflicted socially defined values or good or bad ? I don't think so. But we can manage it wise by defining the limits of what is right to which extent we will believe its right and keep ourselves within limit.For example if we know boozing is not right as defined by our system we can define limits if we want to booze once in a week at home is my limit or whatever it is according to our hearts happiness.In that case we don't have the internal conflict of breaking the values.This can be applicable for any relationships,business etc.But the key is defining limits according to what our heart says today based on happiness and peace it gives. Don't define limits so that it curbs the today's peace or happiness and it will add to further stress.In this world lets not forget we are humans and the basic need for every human is happiness and peace according to what his/her heart says and it should not be fully defined by the above said self inflicted social pressures.I always suggest the " TRUE HAPPINESS & PEACE = Function of ("THE HEART'S DESIRE" DIVIDED BY "FEAR OF WORLD AROUND YOU "). Lets close our eyes think situation /activities which we do which adds to stress /emotional instability and now imagine the entire world /people or society is not there and ask will it add same stress and if your answer is I don't think so which means its the right thing and don't curb it ." MINUS THE WORLD AROUND YOU ,DON'T GIVE UP ON ANYTHING OUT OF THIS EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY ,WE ARE HUMANS,LIVE THE LIFE WHAT OUR HEART SAYS FOR THAT MOMENT,MANAGE SMARTLY BY SELF DEFINED LIMITS"