Friday, June 4, 2010

As Days go,Incidents Adds to Experiences and I doubt the Presence of almighty

What is right and What is wrong?I have been so Genuine , hard working(For time being lets keep the funny word "Smart work" away from argument), I was the topper in the studies throughout,But i am the least recognised in all aspects including money.I think these phrases will strike you again and again when u drive or sleep if you are really true and commited to what you do in this world today.

Most of the time ,I feel gone are the days when honesty is rewarded and hard work is paid.Let me tell you just one example how stickimg to rules and regulations will put your life in risk.

Imagine you travel in your bike /car and you see a red signal in a traffic free zone and unmanned signal.You are expected to drive and not stop.If you stop you will be shouted or hit by someone who is travelling at 80km/hr behind you.

Today is the world you climb up while stealing the sweat of others and the polished name for this is termed as smart work.

There is taste in one penny earned by shedding one drop of sweat,But today I see people claiming that i did a very hard work by moving out to next building in afternnoon and say its too hot ,I cant bear.

To those i ask this question what will you name the effort of sales Executives roaming in sun for almost 100km/day in the city or the worker laying roads in the sun.

The answer from most of the people are "I have chosen a career in such a way i work inside office" and i dont even think of those.

Next comes the concept of experience.Experience today is knowing the illegalities in the system ,Loop holes and Crack the business or relation .

If everything is to happen as per standards what difference mathematically experience can give in certain jobs.

Then comes the funny word Management.When everyone sticks to commitment and do thier job why do u need people to manage people or drive people.

People Kill emotions,Trust,and climb up for prestige,Money,fame.

People talk about innovation.But no one appreciates that.They kill that in the budding stage.

Ordinary things are claimed extrordinary and extradordinary things are in dustbin.

Everyone knows most of the forecast is 50% hype and all come out with justifications how will u achieve and arguments how it cannot be achieved.

No realistic targets,No hard work to achieve that.In most of the work places the owner of the cafetaria is blessed with Business.

People talk , talk ,talk ,about the one for which they have already made decision or most likely on which cannot be changed .

But they have to talk for the sake of conducting Meetings.

I dont know where will life take me ...........

Most of the time i Feel

I am a fool unfit to be a part of this smart world nowdays.

I dont see parallelism with anyone in this world.

Life has always treated me very differently